Saturday, May 5, 2012


I'm glad to share  the latest 5 star review posted today on amazon:

Love Prevails, May 5, 2012


This review is from: Wings Of Freedom (Kindle Edition)
If you like a good love story with a historical setting this is a great book to read. Raj, an Indian college boy and Eileen, the artistic daughter of a British diplomat meet and fall in love during a tenuous political time in India. The stirrings of India's struggle for freedom are taking shape and things are beginning to get dangerous. There's a huge fire in the British camp and an assasination attempt on King George during his coronation ceremony. Raj and Eileen are caught up in the fervor of revolution and must also face the cultural differences between their families. (The British frown upon their daughters marrying Indian men) In spite of the difficulties, Raj and Eileen prevail. What I loved most was the glimpse I got into Indian culture through Raj's family and the overall picture of England's rule and occupation of India at that time. Raj's interactions with his mother and father, uncle, his friends, etc. are well portrayed as is Eileen's side - her privileged life as the daughter of a high ranking British officer. A lot of research went into the details of the history here and the love story that endured in spite of so much against trhem was truly heart-warming. Love really does conquer all, especially in the Wings of Freedom.

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